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October 04, 2006

Things I like today

1. St John's Wort. Marvleeous. It seems for the moment to be keeping me on the sane and narrow. No more blues!
2. Rugby training. Last night. Hard but fair. Good for the pent up frustration, flattening a fat bloke is (grammar? I seem to have segued into Yoda).
3. The World of Yaxlich. Very funny. Read the one from a couple of days ago when he's drunk at one in the morning. "Yaxlich relieves himself. Yaxlich goes to the bathroom. Yaxlish realises he is too late."
4. Some CDs I haven't played for ages but have found again. Like Eels. And Gorillaz.
5. The piano. Just generally. Haven't played it much lately, but I like that I could if I wanted to.
6. Watching re-runs of Lovejoy on ITV3 with my lunch. I always wanted to be Lovejoy. Hmmm. Ian McShane. Whatever happened to him? His career probably didn't go anywhere after that. A bit like Mark Hamill after Star Wars. It (Lovejoy, not Star Wars) had a young Irish actor called
James Nesbitt on it yesterday. Never saw him again, either, which is a shame because he was quite good.
7. Not caring about stuff. Loudly, often. Today's stuff I'm liking not caring about include David Beckham saying he's going to retire in two years (don't care), Coronation Street and come to that all soaps (don't care), David Hasselhof's new single's success, or not (don't care), celebrity size 00 nonsense (don't care - unless my daughter starts being influenced by it, in which case I do care, so does that mean I care now? Does potentially caring count? My list, my rules, so fuck it - not defining my terms (don't care)).
8. The Blogosphere.
9. Lists. Especially largely meaningless ones.
10. Not having to finish up on a nice round number - I can't think of anything else so I'll just stop at nine. What? Oh. Bugger.


  • James Nesbitt has done loads of stuff!!

    you want a long list? here's one!

    Actor - filmography

    "Murphy's Law"
    - Episode #4.3 (2006) TV Episode .... Tommy Murphy
    - Episode #4.1 (2006) TV Episode .... Tommy Murphy
    - Boy's Night Out (2005) TV Episode .... Tommy Murphy
    - Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts (2005) TV Episode .... Tommy Murphy
    - Extra Mile (2005) TV Episode .... Tommy Murphy
    (13 more)
    "Jekyll" (2006) TV Series (attached) .... Dr. Jekyll
    Match Point (2005) .... Detective Banner
    Big Dippers (2005) (TV) .... Ray
    2nd Irish Film and Television Awards (2004) (TV) .... Host/Presenter
    Millions (2004) .... Ronnie
    Quite Ugly One Morning (2004) (TV) .... Jack Parlabane
    Passer By (2004) (TV) .... Joe Keyes
    Wall of Silence (2004) (TV) .... Stuart Robe
    "Tractor Tom" (2003) TV Series (voice) .... Matt (2003)
    The Boys from County Clare (2003)
    ... aka The Boys & Girl from County Clare (USA)
    "The Canterbury Tales" .... Nick Zakian (The Miller's Tale)
    - The Miller's Tale (2003) TV Episode .... Nick Zakian
    Murphy's Law: Kiss and Tell (2003) (TV) .... Tommy Murphy
    Murphy's Law: Reunion (2003) (TV) .... Tommy Murphy
    Murphy's Law: Manic Munday (2003) (TV) .... Tommy Murphy
    Murphy's Law: Electric Bill (2003) (TV) .... Tommy Murphy
    "Cold Feet"
    - Episode #5.4 (2003) TV Episode .... Adam Williams
    - Episode #5.3 (2003) TV Episode .... Adam Williams
    - Episode #5.2 (2003) TV Episode .... Adam Williams
    - Episode #5.1 (2003) TV Episode .... Adam Williams
    - Episode #4.8 (2001) TV Episode .... Adam Williams
    (29 more)
    Bloody Sunday (2002) .... Ivan Cooper
    ... aka Sunday (Australia: TV title)
    Murphy's Law (2001) (TV) .... Thomas Murphy
    Lucky Break (2001) .... James 'Jimmy' Hands/Lord Nelson in Show
    ... aka Rein oder raus (Germany)
    Wild About Harry (2000) .... Walter Adair

    Women Talking Dirty (1999) .... Stanley
    The Most Fertile Man in Ireland (1999) .... 'Mad Dog' Billy Wilson
    "Playing the Field" (1998) TV Series .... John Dolan (1998-2000)
    Waking Ned (1998) .... Pig Finn
    ... aka À la santé de Ned (France: DVD title)
    ... aka Vieilles canailles (France)
    ... aka Waking Ned Devine (USA)
    - Amongst Friends (1998) TV Episode .... Leo McGarvey
    - Lost Sheep (1998) TV Episode .... Leo McGarvey
    - Personal Call (1998) TV Episode .... Leo McGarvey
    - I Know When I'm Not Wanted (1998) TV Episode .... Leo
    - The Power and the Gory (1996) TV Episode .... Leo
    (1 more)
    "Touching Evil II" (1998) (mini) TV Series .... David Laney
    ... aka Mystery!: Touching Evil II (USA: series title)
    Resurrection Man (1998) .... Ryan
    "Body Story" (1998) TV Series (voice) .... Narrator
    Jumpers (1997) .... Gerald Clarke
    This Is the Sea (1997) .... Constable Hubert Porter
    The James Gang (1997) .... Graham Armstrong
    Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) .... Gregg
    "Common As Muck" .... Priest
    - Episode #2.2 (1997) TV Episode .... Priest
    "Touching Evil" (1997) (mini) TV Series .... David Laney
    Jude (1996) .... Uncle Joe
    Go Now (1995) .... Tony
    "Searching" (1995) TV Series .... Duncan
    "Soldier Soldier"
    - Sweet Revenge (1995) TV Episode .... Corporal Bryan Casey
    "Between the Lines"
    ... aka Inside the Line
    - Unknown Soldier (1994) TV Episode
    - The Kakiemon Tiger (1993) TV Episode .... Jerry Boyle
    Love Lies Bleeding (1993) (TV) .... Niall
    Sailortown (1993) (TV) .... Skeeball
    ... aka Comedy Playhouse: Sailortown (UK: series title)
    "Covington Cross"
    ... aka Charring Cross
    - The Hero (1992) TV Episode .... Humphrey
    "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"
    - Germany, Mid-August 1916 (1992) TV Episode .... Yuri
    - Stamp Duty (1991) TV Episode .... Martin Mulholland
    Hear My Song (1991) .... Fintan O'Donnell

    The End of the World Man (1985) .... Policeman
    ... aka The Bulldozer Brigade (USA: video title)

    Filmography as: Actor, Miscellaneous Crew, Self

    Miscellaneous Crew - filmography

    "Murphy's Law" (creative consultant)
    - Boy's Night Out (2005) TV Episode (creative consultant)
    - Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts (2005) TV Episode (creative consultant)
    - Extra Mile (2005) TV Episode (creative consultant)
    - Strongbox (2005) TV Episode (creative consultant)
    - The Goodbye Look (2005) TV Episode (creative consultant)
    (2 more)

    sorry if you weren't interested!!

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 6:06 pm  

  • good to have you back BTW!!

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 6:07 pm  

  • I,TLV: Oh dear, I have a problem now. I can't decide whether you are ironically ignoring my irony (because, duh, Ian McShane has done billions of things since too, including Sexy Beast, loads of American stuff including Dallas and Deadwood, ths stage version of Witches of Eastwick, and about every third ad voice-over on telly), or whether you are blissfully ignorant (in a nice way). And it's nice to be back, btw.

    For the record, Cold Feet and Murphy's Law were two of my fave progs. It was just interesting to see Jimmy N as a young man (1993) in Lovejoy.

    Lovejoy's had loads of famous people in it: Joanna Lumley, Michael Elphick, Linda Gray, James Nesbitt to name a few. I still love it and will be tuning in again today.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 10:20 am  

  • surely irony is meant to be ignored. . .

    (or is that sarcasm?)

    and yes, I am blissfully ignorant (of many things)

    and hope to remain so for the long term

    Jimmy Nail!! I have CDs by him (how sad is that? even sadder: I listen to them from time to time)

    don't watch telly much, especially not at munchtime - oops typo - lunchtime so cannot really add to that debate

    but I did see a Simpsons espidode the other day with Mark Hamill in it (dressed as Luke S, and Luke was acting in a musical that might have been Guys and Dolls)

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 4:43 pm  

  • Lovejoy had Warren Mitchell in today.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 4:50 pm  

  • don't think I've got any CDs of his

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 6:02 pm  

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