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August 03, 2006

Lazy fecker, or just confused?

Well, uh, hello. I'm here again. After a looong while.

I've worked out my trouble. With the blog thing, I mean, not with life generally - a mere blog is far too short to sort out that. Not that I want to come across as all whiny and needy and a mentalist, mind. But we've all got life problems, hey.

My trouble is I can't decide what I want it to be. The blog. And because of that it doesn't have a proper identity, a theme; a house style if you will.

Sometimes I just want to rant, usually about tv ads or stupid people or any of the almost infinite number of other things that drive me into a forehead-slapping frenzy. But surly does it better.

Sometimes I want to do a pithy, observational thing with a diary emphasis; just talking about my family and work and writing clever bon mots. But Greavsie has that one all tied up. In nice short sentences.

So, I could do a more accurate diary, with Named Friends about whom we gradually discover more and more things in a witty way. But, bugger it, JonnyB does that better than I could manage. And I'm not renovating a house, either.

I could go on. My writing style is quite convoluted, usually, with long sentences and lots of talking to myself in subclauses (am I doing that here? Not sure); a bit like this really. But not as much as anna, who does it much more and much better and for much longer and much more often.

And, much as I like off the wall commentary, about politics and media and daily life and tintenet, I couldn't possibly compete with Harry or Ivan. Both of whom make me laugh out loud, sometimes.

And now I'm worried that all the other blogpeople I like are going to be offended because I haven't singled them out. Please accept my grovelling apologies, but I just can't be arsed to type a href one more fucking time. Except for that one. Obviously.

So. I need a Style All Of My Own. I just don't know what it should be.

So we're going one way or the other - I'm going to give up blogging altogether, or maybe I'll experiment for a bit to see what I come up with. And if it's shite then I'll give up altogether.

Don't hold your breath.


  • no you don't. you already have one. don't worry about any of the other bloggers and what they do, it matters not one jot. we all have crises of confidence - mine is well into its third month I reckon - and get pissed off with all the people doing it "better" "more" greater" "sweeter" "funnier" etc. Bollocks. The view through your window was just fine.
    And some of those you mentioned are good, but some of them are monotonous.
    Variety. Spice. Life.
    Don't be worried.
    Just be.
    it's fine.
    it's YOUR blog, not ours.

    By Blogger the Beep, at 12:59 pm  

  • I agree with mr. beep.

    I'm new to this lark, but your blog has been one of my favourites so far.

    I don't think you're fishing for compliments, but you deserve them. You've managed to get yourself across very well.


    By Blogger Levi, at 2:46 pm  

  • I found you in the first place because your comments on blogs like Greavsie's and JohnnyB's stood out to me as so funny. And you come across as a genuinely good and witty person. I would be VERY sorry if you stopped blogging.

    By Blogger J.J, at 8:20 am  

  • Levi - hello mate and welcome. With hindsight I think subconsciously I was fishing for compliments a bit. Grateful for your kind words.

    Beep, jj, how nice are you two? It was actually the two of you and US to whom I was specifically referring when I was going on about 'other blogpeople not being offended'. And it's you two, unoffendedly and magnanimously, who are persuading me to carry on. Thanks.

    Ok, you win, I'll persevere for a bit. Maybe the eclectic format - a bit ranty, a bit diary and so on - suits me?

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 9:50 am  

  • Please carry on blogging, your blog makes me laugh out loud all the time. Keep going, everyone writes differently and we all have different views and opinions and that is what makes a blog! It would be boring if they were all the same!

    By Blogger Moo, at 1:09 pm  

  • glad to hear it!

    may I ask, do you review your stats?

    if yes, I advise you to stop immediately. if no, then please don't start.
    It's a dark and unfriendly machine, the statistics number cruncher. It places a burden on our shoulders we did not join up to carry.
    So ignore it and, as it's influence fades, become free of its tyranny.
    Meanhwile, is there a clinic one can attend to be weaned off the damn stats? If so, point me at it would you?

    By Blogger the Beep, at 3:49 pm  

  • I`m enjoying your blog. Blogs don`t have to be about any certain thing.

    By Blogger Tea & Margaritas in My Garden, at 2:27 am  

  • Ok, ok, you got me. I'll try and think of something to write about, since you all asked so nicely. Sometime soon, perhaps.

    And I only look at the stats cursorily. I'm more interested in the referrals - recent crop includes Kathy Sykes Pain Arse and Haymeadow On Cassette. Wonderfully random.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 10:27 am  

  • If you stop blogging right now, I promise never to read you again ;-)

    And vice versa!!!

    By Anonymous Stu Savory, at 4:54 pm  

  • Now you're just being contrary.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 11:23 am  

  • What everyone else says, really.

    Less time looking at other people's blogs* and more time looking at your own.

    * Apart from mine of course.

    By Blogger Salvadore Vincent, at 4:59 pm  

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