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February 12, 2006

Never rains but ..

Just as I find out that I have readers, bless you all, I have to go out all day to a work thing. And then I get back, and the internet connection is down. And I try and mend it, but can't. It's all gone to bollocks and needs fixing by a professional. So I am still detached. Such is karma, perhaps.

So, a nice man called Andy has been round and replaced chunks of my ADSL cabling (is that what it's called? I'm such a Luddite). And now I'm back, finally.

Trouble is, it's gone midnight now and I'm more than a little drunk. So, now that I have the opportunity, finally, to talk to all you nice people who were out there all along, just I didn't know it, I'm far too incapacitated to make any sense.

I worry about my karma, I really do. Constantly receiving kicks in the teeth can't bode well for my afterlife. Hopefully, hopefully, some sense at some point tomorrow. Perhaps.


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