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February 08, 2006

Car trouble.

Duh. I've got a puncture. Arse. I'm going to have to spend a proportion of my morning lying in the road getting wet and muddy changing it. Bollocks.

There's no getting away from it. It's one of those jobs that you have to just get on with. No point moaning.


*Takes deep breath. Forces a smile*.

Could have been worse, I suppose. Let's look on the bright side:

It's not actually raining at the moment;

I recall thinking last night on the motorway that the tracking needed doing, so I guess it was already going down then. I'm glad it didn't decide to let go suddenly - a high-speed front wheel blow-out I can do without;

It'll probably only take half an hour or so;

There was a space in the parking area right outside the house so I've got a flat surface to put the jack on;

The tyre was on its tread wear limit so I needed a new one anyway;

The tracking does need checking so I can get that done when I go to the tyre place;

I wasn't going out this morning anyway, so I don't need to do it in a hurry, and / or phone clients to postpone appointments.

Ok. Good.

I'm almost looking forward to it now. See, everyone, how you can turn a complete pain in the arse into a not-too-bad-after-all-never-mind occasion with a bit of blessings-counting and positive thinking?

Note to self: must make sure the LOML reads, digests, and acts upon this strategy in future.

*Looks out window, and observes a family of pigs flying across a blue moon.*

81. I think.


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