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January 26, 2006

Good / bad

Today's GOOD thing: my new site meter reveals that you ARE out there and reading this. Good. Some of you even read more than one page, so you must have liked something about it. Welcome. Especially the foreign people; I hope you get the sense of humour, such as it is. I'll try and follow the links back when I get the chance, to see what's happening in your lives.

Today's BAD thing: illness not over, not by a long chalk. I've been up since 3:30 am with fiery itching pains all over my skin. And I've got a rash, in weird patches in places like on my ribs and on the back of my right hand.

Now, I hate it (in what I admit is an insensitive, irrational, bigoted way) when people go on and on and on about being a martyr to their bladder, or protracted food intolerance, or whatever. Just shush, will you, enough now. Not interested. Buuuut .... I think I may be sliding down the slippery slope into their world. I notice that even this blog has had quite a lot of 'I'm ill' posts on it. So, sorry about that. I won't whinge on any more; I'll keep taking the steroids and no more than a brief update in future.

So, today's no-illness-here subject. I have a Sofa Dilemma. We have a plethora of sofas. Mrs Tony Bloke took to calling our place Sofa World a while back. We've got rid of one now, but still have three. Here's what it looks like:

Now, I'll grant you that this looks like a shitty mess, and you'd be right, it is one. BTW, the cards on the mantel are for the LOML's birthday, not left over from Christmas. We've had the blue covered sofa since before we were married, when Pontius was still in flight school, so it's really due for replacement by now.

The plan is to turn this into a sleek contemporary living room by replacing the sofas with one of these:

thus creating an ambient conversation and telly watching area. We'll put the telly (currently out of shot) where the papery-shaded lamp is, in the right hand corner. Obviously I'll still have to tidy up the shit to get the look, and I don't think you get the bird on the sofa with it, but I'll check. Here's hoping, anyway. The bloke they can definitely (spelling, Pete) keep. I'll part-ex him for a footstool or something.

Perceptive readers who have managed to drag their eyes away from the herculean amounts of clutter in the first photo will have noticed a piano and the third sofa in the mirror. I think we should replace this sofa with an armchair and create a quiet, tranquil, piano-playing and Sunday-paper-reading space. The coffee table should just fit nicely against the wall.

What do you think?

Do not allow your opinion to be swayed by the fact that the leather sofa is half price this week only. Like I'm not. At all. Oh no.

crisis countdown: 96 days and counting


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