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February 13, 2006

First day of rest of bloglife


Now sober. Am also getting used to the fact that I have readers.

Strangely, knowing people are reading has given me a bit of writers' block. So I've had to have one of those having-a-stern-word-with-myself type moments. Get-a-grip. Stop-being-silly. Snap-out-of-it. Pull-your-finger-out. You know the kind of thing. So, continue ranting on about nothing in particular.

I was talking the other day about karma. For me, this is nothing more than a literary* device to make weak jokes about bad luck. I don't believe in karma, or anything else inexplicable really. But you have to wonder, do you not, about the fact that not only was I tied up working all day when all I wanted to do was come on here and go through all the comments, but then when I got back all the adsl cabling in the house was shot to buggery and the nice man couldn't come and fix it until Saturday so that was another day missed and and and.

Still, Andy, the nice telephone cabling chap has come and sorted out all the spaghetti, so, two birds with one stone and all that, not only is the computer now going to be more reliable (touch wood) but the LOML is happy because there are far fewer cables slithering around the skirting boards, and the telephone will be able to go comfortably on the coffee table in the New Living Room** without stretching the cables. Andy is a rare find, with whom I am delighted. He is conscientious, perfectionist, neat, tidy and punctual. He's going to come back and sort out the co-axial nightmare of relocating my telly eight feet across the room (qv this blog, previously).

So, have now soberly looked through the comments and in my replies may have pissed off the odd anonymous commenter. I got told off for it as well. I may have got Mr Anonymous mixed up with Ms Anonymous at some point. Ach well, whatever. Have a site of your own and then we'll see. But do keep commenting., anonymously or otherwise. I reserve the right to slag off anonymous commenters when I'm a bit pissed, though.

Quick diary type stuff, just for completeness: the work thing I went to was a get-together of my trade organisation in the Midlands. Vociferous, informative, networky thing. I came away (a) enthused with new ideas and energy to get out there and get the work and then do it efficiently and competently (stop laughing at the back. Pete, particularly. When you rang this morning already on the M25 I wasn't dressed, you know. You work too hard, I don't: I am right and you are wrong ;-). I have already had a meeting today; I've not just sat around doing this all morning); and (b) confident and satisfied that both my talent and my working practices are as good and robust as anyone's and better than most. Which is always good.

Worse news is that the crisismobile, respendent with no less than three new tyres (ulp; there goes the bank balance), also now has a split driveshaft gaiter. Oh well, it needs a service soon anyway. It's only money, eh.

Oh yes, I was supposed to be Enthused wasn't I? Keen to get on and do the work. Best go and do that then.

Lunch first? If you insist.

*Note to self: be very careful before in any way comparing this to literature.
**Not really New, more of your Rearranged, but it feels new to me.

now listen, I could go through my diary and work out how many, but I've gone and mentioned lunch now and my tummy's rumbling, so I'll work it out later. Tomorrow's later, isn't it?


  • writer's block block: no way! ignore it, work thru it, delete your stat counter or turn your "reedy voices" off and leave us all in the wilderness (see how much those two words generated?)

    comments: yeah some of them suck, but most are are are. . .

    . . .most don't

    readers? ignore them too if they piss you off (most seem to like you tho, don't they?!) (whatever happened to Jane and butterfly?)

    and now to the important stuff: how is the gold wall coming along?

    By Blogger anonymous said, at 12:41 pm  

  • ps ps April 26th? or did I miscount?

    By Blogger anonymous said, at 12:45 pm  

  • It's probably me that miscounted. It will become clearer nearer the date, no doubt.

    Gold wall is done. Rest of living room not up to standard yet, so no pics until all is pristine.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 2:13 pm  

  • Oh my god! You mean this comment might actually get to you after all my numerous previous attempts?

    Bugger it. With that knowledge I find I now have writers block too.

    By Blogger Just Jane, at 2:47 pm  

  • Jane, hi, and a very belated welcome. It's bizarre, isn't it - I can write anything if I believe I'm just shouting into a black hole. As soon as the black hole's got someone in it, I dry up.

    Appreciate your perseverance.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 3:35 pm  

  • hey! hey! I put something in my black hole - come on over and see what I said. . . then you can comment back!

    OK, don't then
    *purses lips*

    see if I care
    *blinks back tear*

    *goes off to sulk*

    By Blogger anonymous said, at 3:50 pm  

  • oh, and and if you like Abingdon, you should check out this site:

    (sorry it's not very techincal, don't know how to do those clever linky things)

    By Blogger anonymous said, at 3:55 pm  

  • the more you get the worse it is.

    fancy a cup of tea?

    By Blogger the Beep, at 10:31 pm  

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