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January 09, 2006


Crisiswhatcrisis is grumpy this morning. Had a rotten night's sleep, for no apparent reason. Couldn't get to sleep for ages, and then when I did I kept waking up. Then Child Two was mithering about something. Then the dog came upstairs, which she never does unless there are fireworks or she's about to barf and/or shat on the carpet. I think she came up because we left the computer on - I've come to the conclusion that she gets disturbed by the bleep of you've-got-email-we-sell-the-cheapest-medds-viagra-cialis-softtabs-visit-our-secure-site-here in the middle of the night.

So this morning I've got a headache and a jumping nerve in my left eyelid, which I get when I get tired and stressed. (God, listen to him, sitting at home drinking coffee, surfing blogs, what's he got to get stressed about? Git).

I've also got an amusing squishy swelling on my left elbow. This is a throwback to my amusing skating fall over Christmas. It had got better, but I smacked it on something again last night and now it's up again. It was the size of half a tennis ball then: unfeasibly, comically large, and now it's maybe the size of half a [thinks: the size of ... of ... half a ... grape? no, it's larger than that ... half a .... lychee? no, right shape and size but far too middle class and poncy, and prickly, wrong image altogether ... half a ... half a ... something everyone can relate to ... half a .. got it] walnut shell, but squishier. The kids had much amusement poking it this morning, accompanying the exercise with loud 'eeeeeuuuuw' noises; the LOML declined, citing it making her feel sick as a completely feeble excuse.

The LOML's got no work on this morning, unusually. What I would do, under these circumstances, is curl up on the sofa in front of a film, coffee and biccies at elbow, fire lit, rug over feet. What she does is to completely reorganise the kids' playroom - tidying up, throwing broken and outdated stuff into charity box or bin, move the old sofa and the shelving units around to make better use of the space. She'll hang selected bits of the offsprings' artwork in clipframes later, you just watch.

And therein lies the difference between us. Vive la difference, I suppose. If you must.

Hey, if we were both like that we would be insufferable.


  • (lychees aren't prickly)(especially if you buy them in tins)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:24 am  

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