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January 03, 2006

And .....SNAP, back to reality

I go back to work. This involves walking through the dining area and going into the office, and as such is not the most onerous commute in history, but mentally it's a big step. I have a different head on today.

I haven't made any resolutions; can't see the point as you never stick to them anyway. I do intend to stick with my more positive lifestyle - I'll go for a run in a bit, try to fend off being sad, carry on eating properly - but that's about it, and I was doing that last year, so it doesn't count. Can you have a resolution 'keep up the good work'? Maybe. If you can, I have.

Flash Pete's given up alcohol for January again. He does it every year and swears he loses loads of weight and feels loads better. I did it one year and didn't lose any weight and got bored. So I just reckon he's being selfish and avoiding snurking out with me to the posh pub for a quick one. So on New Year's Day, when the LOML announces that she's going to give up as well, I can't resist a little cynicism. Considering we're going skiing in a couple of weeks and it's her birthday while we're away, this seems a little precipitous. Sure enough, she has a sherry and a glass of wine during our visit to my mum and dad yesterday. I waited until we got home to mention this, being (a) a sensible husband and (b) the sort of chap who learns from his mistakes if he makes them often enough. She says she's going to cut down instead. Right. Glad that's cleared up.

I had a beer even though I didn't really want it just to show how silly these resolutions are. It was nice.

I may have another one tonight.

this blog was brought to you via a new Belkin wireless keyboard and mouse, Christmas present from the LOML, and courtesy of Today's Special Value on QVC sometime in December.


  • hey! happy new year... can't remember if I've said it already (as, due to your quaint comment style I haven't managed to keep track of this)

    so relieved to see a blog with no resolutions

    however, re eating yourself out of sad: try nuts - did I tell you that already? almonds and walnuts; and seeds (all of them); and turkey, oily fish, brown rice, baked potatoes... oh god - what's the point? you can look up your own dietary advice on the internet, can't you?

    HAPPY new year, anyhow

    (great word verifaction - no woe)

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 1:12 am  

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