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December 19, 2005

Normal service is resumed

Symptom: Hi-fi knackered (CD multi-changey thingey apparently unmendable).
Treatment: get a new hi-fi.
Prescription: Surprisingly, Tesco's. Cheap, good name, What Hi Fi 4 stars. Stick it in the trolley with the Coco Pops. Gotta love the consumption-obsessed society where you can get hi-fis (hi-fies? Don't suggest hi-fi's if you want to remain in my good books) in a supermarket.
Side Effect: can have the old hi-fi in the kitchen (radio only, natch) to listen to 5Live in the mornings with EQ bass boost. Which is much betterer, obviously.
Prognosis: Excellent. Better than before in fact, because my radio is now digickal! (Excitement causes me to lapse into baby talk).

Digickal radio is fab. I press a little button on the remote and all these perfect uncrackly stations scroll through. WTF is Saga radio? Don't know, don't intend to find out. Worried it's about crumblies. When I was at school we did one of those careers questionaires. In answer to the question 'Name any career you would not consider under any circumstances' I put 'Anything involving geriatrics'. I got a bollocking for it as well, which I thought (and still think, in fact) was mightily unfair. And this was before political correctness had been invented. Bastard of a repressed-homosexual teacher. Whom (grammar) I won't name for reasons to do with Libel Law. I blame my parents for sending me to a single sex school.

I've lost my thread. And ...[breathe] ... oh yes. Digickal technology. Have had Sky for a couple of years and wouldn't be without it; the LOML thinks differently: she only watches QVC anyway, and you can get that on the freeview in the bedroom. I patiently explain that the movies (films! reminder to self: Am Not American. And program has a 'me' on the end, and Disk is still spelt Disc, even if it has a floppy [archaic] or a C or a DV before it) that keep the kids quiet for a couple of hours on a Sunday evening are worth the money by themselves. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban again last night. And yes, I did watch it with them. Again.

The only trouble with Sky is that at any time of day or night there is something which is interesting enough to watch, especially for a sports fan like me. Love the skiing and stuff on Eurosport - gone are the days of waiting for Sunday evening to watch David Vine with my toasted teacakes (I heard a rumour that DV did Ski Sunday for all those years and never learned to ski. How profoundly sad - tell me this isn't true). I have become unhealthily interested in biathlon. And skeleton. And Sky Sports shows the Heineken Cup rugby live. You only get a snippet several days later on the Beeb. I love it. AND there are two dedicated poker channels! Though to be honest you get better coverage on Challenge. (Note to self 2: promised not to talk much about poker, there are too many poker blogs on the net already: here, for instance, or here. Or here, even. Here, too. I could go on. Oh all right, I will, here's another, and yet another. This one's funniest but doesn't post often enough. Enough. Enough! Stop now, just stop).

*Drags self back from precipice of chasm of poker-links fucktardery*




The only fear I have of all this digickality is being left behind. Problem with the wetware, so to speak. PICNIC (Problem In Chair Not In Computer) is a real possibility; not understanding what something digickal is for let alone how it works. But that's ok. I'm not worried.

I have a nine year old son for that.


  • You know what? You are too funny. I am indeed loving it. Hifi in trolley image is bizzare but you know, times are improving apparently and we can do these kind of things now. Yiphee!

    By Blogger Happybutterfly, at 1:48 am  

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