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December 21, 2005

Kill or cure?

The doctor says I need to get out more. This is his wisdom on how to prevent feeling sad again. Thanks for that.

Actually, actually, he may have a Point. He says that chemical imbalances in the brain can be sorted by exercise and routine; preferably both, at once. So, I now have an Exercise Routine: every day I go for a run before lunch. It's a Routine consisting of one day so far, but you've got to start somewhere.

So, I go for a run. I have a stern word with myself about the purpose of the run, first. This run is not: to get fitter; to lose weight; to beat my previous time. This run is: to make myself feel happier. Only that. Therefore: I do not need to run fast. I do not need to remember a whole series of best-time-at-the-second-stile-by-the-brook times (I honestly do this). Especially not try to beat them (I am so competitive sometimes. I can happily compete with myself if there's no-one else available).

And d'you know what? It was ace. I feel I've had a bit of an Epiphany, running-wise. I didn't get all out of breath and in pain like normal. No rasping lungfulls of air and viscous saliva flopping around on my face, like normal. Whenever I started panting too much I just slowed down a bit. I got a bit of a sweat on after a while, but not uncomfortably so. I didn't even look at my watch when I started, so all I know is that it took about three-quarters of an hour, give or take. And because it was fun and not a pain-filled chore, I shall do it again tomorrow. It's a Routine, you see.

The LOML has bought a juicer (from QVC, natch). It's arrival at the start of my Exercise Routine is surely not a coincedence, karmic-wise. You can stuff all sorts of vegetables and fruit into it together and make, uh, juice. I was a bit sceptical but actually it's ace. (That's the second thing I've described as ace today. I'm having a sort of one man linguistic Grange Hill retrospective, apparently. Oh, except that I've said fuck a few times today, and they never said that).

Who would have thought that broccoli, lime and apple juice could be so good?

I shall research the best recipes and share them with you when the mood takes me, so that you can marvel at how creative and healthy I am becoming. Perhaps.


  • Fantastic!
    Another well-written, witty blog to ruin my very weak abality to write about nowt.

    Blogrolled and Bloglined; I may have nothing to write, but I have plenty to read. And cry, with laughter. :-)

    By Blogger Kizi, at 3:42 pm  

  • try parsley with things, things like apples

    and ginger (raw) (put it in first, then do the apples or whatever after, to get all the gingeryness out of the machine and into the drink)

    oh, pomegranites are really good for SAD too, as is eating almonds late at night (the almonds help you sleep)(turkey sandwiches do too, whch is good seeing as it's xmas and all)(let's hope you're not a nut-allergy vegetarian!)

    and pumkin seeds, in fact all sort of seeds are good for your brain chemicals (think hunter-gatherer diet)(well, the gatherer bit)

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 1:42 am  

  • Yes please. Bring the recipes on and then if you dare to inspire me enough then I will buy the darn thinig. It's the only thing missing from my kitchen.

    By Blogger Happybutterfly, at 1:38 am  

  • When the flesh begins to prevail, in the "spirit is willing, flesh is weak" sense, a dog is recommended. I would not take any exercise at all, were it not for my dog - if I am late getting up (his first walk is after breakfast), the warbling and theatrical sneezes, coughing and noisily scratching the inside of his dog-bed is Guilt-Trip on Four Legs.

    By Blogger Indigo, at 10:29 am  

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