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December 16, 2005

Better today!

So much better, in fact, that I've mopped the kitchen floor. Trust me on this, that really is better.

I'm so much better that I was even polite to the young lady who kindly telephoned to offer my business an enhanced listing in her internet directory.

I'm so much better that I said "Okay, never mind. I'll come and pick it up whenever" to the bloke who's fixing my studio hifi when he rang up to say it's bollocksed and not worth repairing.

I'm so much better that I refuse to let the occasional stab of a new pain from a molar worry me. It's this one, look, on the bottom right, at the back. It will get better, though, not worse.

I'm so much better that I didn't swear at all when the LOML said she was going to have to work all weekend, such is the size of her order book. Leaving me with the kids to entertain.

I'm so much better that I even fixed the cupboard door which has been hanging off its hinges. I put a pencil behind my ear and I used the drill and everything, just like a proper DIY-er.

Do you know what, I've just made a decision. I'm so much better that I'm going have a work Christmas do. I've been cruising through Blogland and everyone else is having one, so I shall take the entire workforce to the posh pub one lunchtime next week. I am so excited with this idea that, bugger it, I will suggest to the LOML that we make it a joint effort: her company, and my company, all together for one big Christmas party.

Or, I could just go to the pub for a pie and a pint with the missus.


  • I know exactly where you are talking about as I have a nasty hole in the same place;-)

    By Blogger Happybutterfly, at 1:51 am  

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