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February 23, 2007

Fucking OneTel genius

I have had no email since Tuesday. I am trying to run a business. This is not good.

I rang the number. Talked to a nice person in India. The email will be down for another 24 hours maybe.
Where is my MAC code that I requested 10 days ago and should take 3 working days to provide?
I'll need to transfer you.
Please do so with all alacrity.
[Jennifer Rush singing The Power of Love right through twice...]
Another nice person in India. I'll do that for you it'll take 3 working days.
No. It should have been done already. 10 days ago.
I'll have to put you on hold while I check.
[Mariah Carey warbling some shit, I was distracted and didn't catch which song, they all sound the fucking same anyway]
Yes sir, we've generated it and sent it!
It was sent to [the LOML's email address] twice!
But, uh, wait for it ... the email's down ... and you knew that, hmmm?
Oh. Oh yes. It is.
[Brightly] Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[sigh] No. Thank you. Just send the MAC code again as soon as you can, please.
Is there any particular reason why you are transferring away from OneTel to another provider?
[has to put phone down due to fit of hysterical giggles]


February 22, 2007


Hired a floor sander today to, uh, sand the floor. In the new shop. Couldn't get the old carpet tiles up along the stud wall that the previous tenant built across the back of the shop, in order to make a storeroom. Assumed they were trapped by the new skirting boards.

Took off the skirting boards.

Discovered that he had built the stud wall on top of the carpet tiles.



February 17, 2007

Update update update

I am sitting typing on a keyboard which is balanced precariously on a pile of papers. I have a pile of rubber floor tile samples tottering at my elbow. I have a stack of insurance quotes on the floor next to my chair. I have a varied selection of usb leads snaking across the desk, in and out of the lots of piles of paper and three dirty coffee mugs and two cameras and one filofax and two tape measures and several stone samples and one glue stick and one pair of scissors and one hole punch and innumerable catalogues. I have another computer wedged against my knee because I have two, see, because I'm waiting for a new ISP provider to do a wireless home hub thing on the new one but I can't have one yet because the fuckers at OneTel still haven't send me my MAC code so I still have to do all my interweb stuff on the old one. So I have two keyboards and two mice and I keep using the wrong ones and I have to keep switching the blue screen connector back and forth. I cannot believe that I am still paying twenty five quid a month for half a meg of connection, just because I never got round to updating the broadband package more often.

So, busy. And then I have to switch across to the new Blogger before I can post anything. Famous last words: it seems to have gone ok so far. (*crouches down under desk, hands over ears, eyes screwed shut, waiting for incoming .... *).


Ok. We seem to be ok.

Coffee is, as usual, the answer. I anticipate gallons of it to come, as I design stuff for people during the day and paint a shop all evening, and think of things left to do all night.

Nothing if not fulfilling.


February 02, 2007

As promised


  • Came back from the fabulous, beautiful here:

... and then the LOML (I'm blaming her) fell over and broke the new camera I took this on.

  • bought a new Dell, it's fabby (got 320gig of memory and dual core and dual DVD rewrite and flat screen and logitech fancy mouse and stuff)

... but haven't sorted out the modem install so having to use the old one for t'internet for the moment, until I

  • get a new faster broadband,

... but this means changing my email addresses, including the one on here, and being offline for a week.

and Stuff:

BIG news: the LOML and I are starting a new business. Might explain the paucity of posts now and in the future, huh.

Actually, it's more of an expansion of her current business. Rather than working privately, sort of from home, we're opening a shop in the village. It's only little, but it's ours. Now that I don't have the sads any more, all of a sudden I can actually work and help and everything. I was still working at eleven o'clock last night. Get me.

So, I will try and post from the middle of a big pile of accountants and banks and printers and flooring contractors and shopfitters and all - and my business as well, of course. Which is very busy too, thanks for asking.

But, laydeez an gennelmen, finally, I'm happy.