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January 25, 2006


I've been to the doctor (advantages of living in small village, number oooh, high, lots, in there: you can see a doctor within 2 hours of phoning) and he says that I have a typical allergic reaction to something I have ingested. Ok so far. I have to take a powerful dose of steroids (6 tablets at a time) for 5 days, or all the skin in the itchy places will fall off. Less ok re this. He continues and mentions skin fissures, infection, hands like claws (it was like a fucking claw, as Frank so wisely said) and so on, and the ok-ness goes out of the situation altogether. Now I'm trying not to compulsively examine my palms and shins every few minutes for incipient flesh-falling-off-ness.

I also have to make a list of everything I have ingested over the 24 hours before the 'episode' (think this means eaten or drunk, better put down paint fumes etc just in case) so that when (note, not 'if') it happens again I can try and isolate to what I am allergic (grammar). I had no idea how hard this is before I tried it - just what did I put in the roast chicken gravy this time? Honey, mustard, Worcs sauce, soy sauce .... or was that last time? Give the remaining gravy a tentative sniff, but no real clues there. It tastes great, but that's not really a help, is it. Arse. Anyway, I've done my best, and it's in the 'medical' file in the filing cabinet, so if I can't find it later I can just look it up on here. Might as well us this blog for something more useful than satisfying the indulgent ramblings of my inner idiot. Whom, unfortunately, bears a remarkable resemblance to my outer idiot far too often for my liking.

Anyone know how to ignore your hands and face itching?


  • I don't like to give up. I will try YET again to get a comment published on your blog...

    By Blogger Just Jane, at 7:47 pm  

  • yes, but is there any point in sharing it with you since us readers don't have a clue if these comments are even conncected to your inbox!!

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 9:17 am  

  • how's the scratchyness BTW?

    better I hope

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 5:23 pm  

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