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January 12, 2006

2/10 More effort required. See me.

I wish I could entertain everyone with the rollicking adventures of what I did yesterday. If only I'd been cursed by a gypsy like JonnyB the day before yesterday. Or had both a new antimacassar and a new fire grate on the same day like Greavsie. (You can see a couple of my oh-so-amusing bon mots in the comments pages on both of these).

Unfortunately, all I did yesterday was go and see a new client, who was nice but not worth any more of your attention, and pop to town to get some photocopying done and get the LOML a birthday present. I can't even tell you what it is because she'll read this at some point. It's nice though, she'll like it. AND I've got her something coming in the post, as well. She'll like that too.

Actually, I had to get her something nice because (a) last year I didn't get her anything on time, thinking that I'd get her something while we were skiing, but then I didn't. (I'm going skiing, did I mention? Etc., repeat until funny). So she got to wander about the resort on her birthday and buy herself a top. Not great. And (b) she bought me an iPod Shuffle for my birthday, at the behest of Mrs Flash Pete, who'd also bought him one. Which is an ace present, and I need to raise my game to compete.

I just put a paragraph in about having to get the first iPod replaced, but it was boring so I've cut it out again. Just thought you'd like to know.

Talking of JonnyB and Greavsie, I can't help noticing that there are an inordinate number of links on their pages (not to me, you'll notice, but never mind). They are dwarfed by my boyfriend is a twat who has a list as long as your arm, provided that your arm is about three screens long, which *stands up and contorts self into weird pose to try and compare length of arm to depth of screen* mine isn't. As long as your arm and half the other one, then. And all in tiny weeny font as well. She writes well, though. I've gone for the quality over quantity approach - people who make me laugh out loud only.

I'm sure if I did more research I could lengthen it a bit. Perhaps I'll do that today. I need to put more work into this blog. *sigh*

The LOML has just come in and said that Mrs Marcus the worm farmer was going to book skiing to the same resort as us next week, because there was a cheap deal. But she didn't, because they didn't have time to sort themselves out. Which is a shame, because I and the worm farmer would have made up half an offpiste guiding group, whereas by myself I am merely a quarter. *sigh again*

It's just doomed to be one of those nearly nearly days, isn't it?


  • There is something about being unrestrained with the links.

    I'm planning a dull week next week by the way ;-)

    By Blogger greavsie, at 2:42 pm  

  • 1 thin reedy voices in the wilderness wishes you a happy friday the thirteenth!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:19 am  

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