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January 11, 2006

Is anyone there?

Feel free to leave a comment if you are.

Though I enjoy writing this, it's got a limited shelf life if nobody at all is reading it apart from me. I'd check, but I can't work out how to download a visit counter like all the really good bloggers do. I'll give it another go, perhaps.


  • There, I've left one for myself, just to prove it's possible.

    This is a bit like sending yourself a Valentine's card isn't it? You sad little man.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 5:04 pm  

  • there are statistic thingyamibobs out there, loads of people have them on there blogs (especially knitters) (loads of people read blogs about knitting) - you seem fairly technical and can probably work it out yourself

    I'm not, so I can't help you!

    and now, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: will you have two comments on this post at some stage...

    ...or not?

    (if I was the betting type, I'd be going for 'not'!)

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 5:21 pm  

  • try s'easy. And cna be hidden.

    Good luck! Not so sad now I hope.

    By Blogger the Beep, at 5:54 pm  

  • "1 thin reedy voices..." isn't grammatically correct

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:28 pm  

  • Arrh, well I did TRY to leave a comment the other week so therefore I don't believe it is possible!

    Either that or you don't approve of me...sob.

    By Blogger Just Jane, at 8:27 am  

  • oh for goodness sake. i've commented twice now but unless you sort out your comment moderation (ie switch it off) it's never going to look as if anyone's saying anything!!

    By Blogger surly girl, at 11:16 am  

  • I think it took me a few months to get past the forty a day mark.

    Nil desperandum

    (that is Latin)

    By Blogger JonnyB, at 12:21 pm  

  • It is NOT possible!

    By Blogger Just Jane, at 8:48 pm  

  • I've tried leaving comments before. I never saw them materialise on the blog though. Saddened by this, I gave up.

    Having to have ones comments approved may be a good way of keeping the spam at bay, but it limits genuine spontaneous comments from plebs such as I.

    I doubt this one will ever see the light of day.

    By Blogger Kizi, at 1:15 pm  

  • rest assured that there are people out there reading this... just not many of them.

    By Blogger Hel Fire, at 10:05 pm  

  • only a couple of weeks to go and you could send yourself a valentine as well (just to confuse the LOYL!)

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 5:24 pm  

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