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December 13, 2005


Mark is feeling poorly today. Snifflsh and sneezesh. And, I am sure you will want to share, a touch of the shits. I have (self-diagnosed, but nonetheless) SAD.

Until last year, I had pneumonia for four years running every winter. Horrendous. That is a SAD symptom. Now I have a jab and at least I don't get that any more.

Every November it creeps up on me: I just want to stay in bed. In summer, I look forward to Mondays ("Great! What work can I get done this week?"). But not in winter. In winter I struggle through the week and lift my gloom with alcohol at weekends.

Mark, unfortunately, is also busy today - no immediate deadlines or client visits or anything, but loads to do. Number one: tidy studio. Or office. (Office/studio? Studioffice? Whatever. It's got a desk with PC, a planchest and a fuckoff great big drawing board in it. That makes it a studio, surely. Plus shelves, filter coffee machine (my fave gadget), hifi (being mended so have borrowed Child One's portable), various anglepoise lamps, a couple of chairs, IT peripherals, filing and whathaveyou. Oh, and a window through which I have a View - but you knew that already). It used to be the dining room, back when I was a government slave. It's a lot better used as a studio. It's my sanctuary.

Number Two: sort out latest problem from Difficult Client, asap. I honestly don't know how he lives with himself, the awkward grumpy old sod. Still, he pays in advance. I have Lovely Clients who are wonderful to be with but always pay six weeks late. Don't know which is worse.

Number Three: go out and deliver Christmas cards. This is the hardest of the lot because I really don't want to talk to people. The LOML will shout at me if I don't, though.

Bollocks. Just want to stay in my comfy office chair and surf blogland, but I can't. *Sigh*.

Move along.


  • lovely blog, lurker. . .

    try a light box, if you get (ie invest in) a good one they work really well!

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 4:49 pm  

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