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December 14, 2006

Better? You decide. Aha.

Good mornin'. Hullo.

Triumphantly, I return.

Not just to blogging, aha, but to normal life. Saved, in so many ways, by forty milligrammes a day of Citalopram. Huzzah, hooray [celebratory noises off].

Now, and I am sure you will agree, we soooo do not want this to turn into a mental-health bore blog; let's just take my ascent from, three weeks ago, sitting rocking in the foetal position in a darkened room like a full-blown window-licking mentalist, to my now utterly normal* rugby-playing, hard-working*, cheerful, energetic husband and father of two as read, shall we, and say no more about it?**

I have shit-loads, fuck-loads, of work to catch up on, and the LOML is also in her busiest time of year (she does stuff to do with Christmas, y'see), so do not expect torrents, floods, nay froths of posts in the coming days.

But I just wanted to say thanks, like, for the good wishes. Cheers, guys.

And vote for JonnyB here for a Weblog Award, largely for the huge amusement of the main opposition, a duuuuuuuull EU Referendum blog, giving it loads and loads about how important it was that 'little Norfolk blogs' aren't given awards because theirs is obviously so much more important and interesting (it isn't), while they were winning - and then all mention of the award strangely disappears completely when the JonnyB massive gets its juggernaut rolling and overtakes. I laughed a lot. A lot.

And, shit, while you're at it, why not vote for me here for an Insignificant Award. I nominated my-fucking-self, and why not. Assuming my nomination makes it out of the comments and onto the main page, of course. Fuck, vote for me anyway. Nominate me again. Whatever. See how confident and arrogant I have become? Insufferable, isn't it?

You'll be wanting the window-licker back sooner than you think.

*all right, this may not be entirely true
**this sentence may hold my new record for the greatest number of clauses.


  • I like the new tough guy you.

    By Blogger Huw, at 11:55 pm  

  • I like to think it's the old tough guy me.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 11:39 am  

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