View through my window

June 07, 2006

View through my window

As it's the title of the blog, perhaps it's about time you all had a look at it. Here you are.

You can see my barbecue, my veggie patch, the greenhouse is poking into the left hand edge, and a load of shrubbery stuff that needs pruning, and the kids' blue slide. And nice fields and woods in the background. Oh, and the top of my biscuit box thing and my digickal stereo on the windowsill. Lovely, isn't it?

[note to self] Do not forget how lucky you are. Apply to all aspects of life. [/note to self]


  • Yours is really yours. Mind was only on loan. And although I have a nice view now (I can't post that because then peeps would know where I live), it's nowhere near as nice as yours. So yours is really better. Honest.

    What are those two round things just after the table?

    By Blogger the Beep, at 10:39 am  

  • I hope that my view is sufficiently anonymous to keep me private. I hope.

    The round things are metal chair backs. It didn't even occur to me that this wasn't clear, and then I looked again and familiar things looked all weird and all of a sudden I can understand the confusion. There's a more general life lesson there. Perhaps.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 11:04 am  

  • Lovely outlook. What a tease! Couldn't you at least give the county? For some reason I'm thinking middle England

    By Blogger PI, at 11:56 am  

  • i thought they were hose reels.
    you are safe.
    my front door overlooks a park. .... oops, too much detail all ready so deletions in the previous sentence may have occured.

    but, and you must accept full responsibilty for this, you have given me an idea to picture the back garden. our new abode was previously lived in by an elderly lady carted off to a home, and then by the neighbour who spent two years developing the place and not gardening at all. it's a jungle out there. i may do a blogish occasional diary.
    your fault, he said chirpily.
    reap away, Oh sower of seed

    By Blogger the Beep, at 12:19 pm  

  • I like the view


    By Blogger I, like the view, at 12:54 pm  

  • (actually, maybe it's the sunshine, rather than running out of things to write about*, but I've just done a post of photos of things in my garden)(I thought the chair backs were a bike, initially)

    *never a problem for someone with verbal d'a, like me

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 12:57 pm  

  • oh, and nice to have you back and hope the veggies are going OK and look forward to swapping chutney recipes later in the season and and and

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 1:00 pm  

  • Nice view indeed! I am very jealous, the view from my back garden is houses and houses!

    By Blogger Moo, at 1:12 pm  

  • Why thank you all kind people. Updates on vegetables and other bits of gardening will not doubt forthcome.

    Tease Pi a little less: it's sort of southish Midlands.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 3:06 pm  

  • Your parasol looks suspiciously like one that was stolen from my back garfden last week. How long are you claiming to have had it?

    By Anonymous Razzamatazz, at 8:46 pm  

  • A long, looong, time. Not guilty, m'Lud.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 10:13 am  

  • I would have been the first to comment on how lovely it was because when I first read this post no one else had yet commented. However for some unknown reason it took five days for blogger to condescend to reveal the picture to me.

    So I find am not exactly unique in saying 'It's lovely', but lovely is what it is.

    By Blogger J.J, at 10:20 pm  

  • I like that! You ARE lucky.

    By Blogger Kyahgirl, at 6:25 pm  

  • what's the view thru your window looking like now we're almost at autumn?

    shame this'll drop off the bottom once you've got back in and done a new post. . .

    mind you, a new post will be good!

    By Blogger I, like the view, at 9:16 pm  

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