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March 22, 2006


Both kids are poorly ill and lying on the sofa watching crap cartoons and bickering and coughing. Both need regular Calpol and I need to keep setting my alarm to remember it. And drinks. I make them food but they don't eat it. I am constantly stopping in mid flow and changing DVDs, or sorting out arguments, or doling out never-mind hugs.

The LOML's had to go to work. I have work to do, but can't concentrate. I was up in the night with high-temperature children. I've taken my Berocca and had loads of strong coffee but it's not helping. I can't go out for a walk or a run because I've got to look after the kids. I can't even go into town to do my plan copying and a quick coffee and a mooch around the bookshop while I'm at it, like normal.

It's been like this for days.

I'm climbing the walls. I'm trapped.

Is this what madness feels like?



  • No. This is what Working At Home feels like, after a while.
    One day the kids will be better (soon I hope, I am in the same boat, but only one) and they will go back to skule, and you willbe left .... feeling much the same.
    It's not all its cracked up to be.

    By Blogger the Beep, at 10:45 am  

  • do you really want to know? because I could tell you, but for the sake of your sanity maybe I won't. . .

    (Hhhm, think I've written a very similar comment already on one of your posts)

    how about some helpful advice?

    would that help or not?

    you can ignore it (like the lightbox) and I won't be offended in the least: I mean I won't know whether or not you have anyhow, will I?



    not just deep breathing, you know the IN and OUT kind to a count of four (for in) or eight (for out) (think of when LOYL gave birth to your mini-crises, she must have breathing exercises and you probably did them with her. . .)

    do loads more relaxing type stuff - stretchy muscley things that men do before sport

    when you're relaxed, then do something to perk yourself up again - waking up type stretching

    (god, is this boring the pants off you?) (sorry) (shall I stop? just delete it if you want!)

    then when you're relaxed but perked up, distract yourself with doing something constructive. . .

    laundry might be helpful (I mean to LOYL), reading the kids a story instead of watching irritating cartoons, gardening, that gold wall

    if none of this works, phone someone else to come look after the kids (maybe?)

    I'll fuck off now, probably none of this helped and you're even more pissed off

    some blokey blogger will come along now and write something really amusing, won't they?


    wv: whatever-you-do-don't-do-online-poker-in-a-mood-like-this

    By Blogger don't chase it, at 10:47 am  

  • (oh bugger, he got there before me)

    By Blogger don't chase it, at 10:48 am  

  • get someone's mum round (by "someone's" i mean someone you know, not just a random grandma (cool band name! the random grandmas!)) to sit the kids for an hour or so. go into town, do what you need to do, have a pie and a pint and start again this afternoon.

    or go and hide under the spare bed. it's all the same, really.

    By Blogger surly girl, at 10:52 am  

  • sorry surly: when I wrote blokey blogger, I didn't mean that girly bloggers couldn't write funny stuff

    (AND your advice is so much better than mine!)

    and beep, no offence meant by blokey blogger

    shit, I'm off to hide under the bed now before I fall into the rather huge hole I'm digging for myself

    By Blogger don't chase it, at 10:59 am  

  • Ach, I'm all right really. Thanks for your concern. I'm just venting my spleen on here to save taking it out on the family. I've been working at home for years so you'd think I'd be used to it.

    Hiding under the spare bed sounds good though.

    By Blogger crisiswhatcrisis, at 11:47 am  

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